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DIRECTOR: Sandra Fassio

PRODUCTIONHélicotronc (Be)Offshore (Fr)

SPECS: Arri Alexa XT + Hawk V anamorphic

AWARD:   *** PRIX format court, Le court en dit long (FR), 2015


Brussels short film festival (Belgium) / FIFF- Namur 2015 (Be) / Festival du cinéma mediterranéen de Bruxelles 2015 / Grand Off festival (Varsovie) section scénario 2015 / FIF Bangkok (Thaïlande) 2015 / Mumbai short film festival 2015 (Inde) / Festival International du film de Clermont- Ferrand (compétition régionale) / Magrittes 2016(Be)


KANUN, ancestral albanian code ruthless.

Article 864 says: You'll revenge the death of a family member by the death of the murderer.But Article 602 requires respect and protect your guest as your own child.Adil will be faced with the paradox of these laws it complies forever.

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