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DIRECTOR: Philippe de Pierpont

PRODUCTION: DERIVES & CLIN D'OEIL FILMS (BE) + Petit à Petit Production (FR)

SPECS: 1h17' - Sony a7s2 + Nikkor ai 


LES MAGRITTES 2019 – nomination, Best documentary

Etats Généraux du documentaire à Lussas 2019

Fespaco 2019

Festival International du Film Francophone à Namur 2019

Festival des libertés 2019

Quinzaine du cinéma francophone à Paris 2019

Mostra Internacional de cinema – São Paulo 2019


In Another Life” is the dramatic tale of six children from Bujumbura (Burundi) who live and grow up in the street.

For 24 years, at different moments (in three films) the director has unveiled their dreams and life paths. Now they are in their thirties and life is still precious.

Most of them have become parents, some have known great moments, others have learnt how to stand up again after difficult misfortunes and two of them have just died.

It is a journey full of poetry and desire where a group of friends learn to share their world and never lose their frankness. 

This film is an African “Boyhood” that gives an insight to the political and historical situation of Burundi throughout the last 24 years through the eyes of six street children that now have become adults.



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